Hockey dreams camps

A very special project, Hockey Dreams Development Camps was launched in the EU in the summer of 2023, with the help of the Canadian coaching crew Unite Hockey Development, led by experienced and decorated Head coach and Coaching facilitator Nicholas Phelan. The camps aim to assist, support, and develop young children who were evacuated abroad due to the war. 

This project is a great integrative platform for Ukrainian Hockey, where kids from Ukraine of all ages can participate in the training camps together with kids from EU countries. Among the coaching crew, is Ukrainian hockey legend Alexander Godynyuk, an ex-NHL player of Ukrainian descent and active NHL scout with the Vegas Golden Knights. 

All proceeds from the camps are donated to the Ukrainian Hockey Dream Foundation. 

In 2023 the camps were held in Lithuania, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

The project has been confirmed to continue in July - August, 2024.